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Angel Wings 2.0!

Angel Wings 2.0!

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Angel Wing is a high PSI enamel coating suitable for almost any surface! If you struggle with foils or other exotic base coats, give this a try! It is simple, cost efficient, and excellently designed for any person! Advanced or starting out! 

FDA Approved and Non Toxic

Angel Wing is a super shift holographic pigmented multi-purpose pastes. The paste is water base, we have not tested it out in epoxy and do not recommend it. SIC Paste is used for any kind of base coats, enamel coating,  painting, or glitter application. You need VERY LITTLE. The less the better! We designed this paste to go as far as it can! We hope you guys enjoy the latest and greatest product! 



  1. Apply Heat To Dry Quickly
  2. Use On Black Base To Have MAXIMUM Shift
  3. If Used As A Paint, Please Use A Fine Tip Brush
  4. The Paste Is Non Toxic, But Do Not Ingest
  5. The More Coats You Apply, The Harder The Finish Will Be
  6. If Using As A Final Coat, Please Ensure To Seal With Spray Sealer or Epoxy Resin
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