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Sunflower Inspired Creations

Ink Test Set! 24 Colors For Only $50.99!

Ink Test Set! 24 Colors For Only $50.99!

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Things We Would Like To Know In The Ink Test Set:

  1. Which Colors Need To Be Stronger or Change The Strength
  2. Do They Swirl Well With White?
  3. Which Color Bases Do They Work Well With?
  4. Do They Work Well With Pigments And Pigment Pastes?
  5. Do They Spread Too Much Or Not Enough?
  6. What Should There Permanent Names Be?

Remember guys, these are a trial run for us. We will be updating colors and formulas on the feedback that we receive from everyone. We want to thank you for your time and effort for these inks! Take Your Time With The Results! Email feedback and online chat is greatly appreaciated. Or if you wanted to call us and tell us your experiences!

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