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Sunflower Inspired Creations

Lazer Beam GLOWING Exotic Color Shifting Top Coat

Lazer Beam GLOWING Exotic Color Shifting Top Coat

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Rainbow Color Shift Broad Spectrum. ANTI BLENDING INK With Yellow Glow!

Our Glow Top Coats Have Been In The Making For A Few Months Now. We Have Finally Perfected Them! The Glowing Top Coats Do Not Just Glow, But They Are Also Color Shifting! The Glow That Is In There Are A Phosphate Based Raw Liquid Bound To The Pigment. There Is Absolutely ZERO COLORANT To The Glow, No Powder, No Distortion, And No Flakes. Entirely FDA Compliant With Food And Makeup Grade Quality Products Made In The United States. The Example Pictures Taken Are With NO UV Light Manipulation Or Charging, They Charge Naturally With The Surrounding Lights. 

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