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Sunflower Inspired Creations

SIC Color Shifting Glitter Bundle!

SIC Color Shifting Glitter Bundle!

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Welcome the Color Shifting Glitter Bundle! This is a $145 Bundle for only $99.99! The color shifting glitter bundle will feature 12 color shifting glitters! Each glitter package will come with a custom 2oz mix! They will all have chunky, medium, and fine glitters to make any project perfect! The bundle will also include a 4oz bottle of our very own sealer. As well as a 8oz adhesive! All made by us! 

The Bundle Will Includes:

  1. Barbie Lets Party - Pink, Gold And Teal
  2. Bachelorette Party - Pink and Gold
  3. 80's Night - Red, Gold, and Green
  4. Masquerade - Purple, Teal, and Silver
  5. Slumber Party - Gold, Red, Purple
  6. Casino Night - Green, Gold, and Blue
  7. Disco - Gold, Green, and Champaign 
  8. Red Carpet Night - Red and Gold
  9. Pool Party - Cyan, Blue, and Silver
  10. Rave Party - Lavender, Silver, and Blue
  11. Bonfire - Gold, Red, and Pink
  12. Bachelor Party - Baby Blue, Silver, and Purple
  13. 4oz SIC Sealer
  14. 8oz SIC Stick Adhesive
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