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Sunflower Inspired Creations

Color Shifting Ink™ 'Dragon Series' 2.0

Color Shifting Ink™ 'Dragon Series' 2.0

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REVISED 2/28/2023

Set Of 8, 10ml Bottles of Color Shifting Ink. Want To See If You Guys May Have Some Requests On Changes, Additions, or Modification! Thanks Again! I Hope You Enjoy Them! Will Ship Out Within 10 Business Days.

Draco-10ml Purple Pigment- Orange, Red, and Blue Shift

Dragaria- 10ml Purple Pigment- Red And Gold Shift

Ryoko- 10ml Yellow Pigment- Orange and Red Shift

Kaida- 10ml Gold Metallic Pigment- Red Shift

Tanwen- 10ml Green Pigment- Purple and Blue Shift

Tatsuya- 10ml Green Pigment- Red Shift

Mushu- 10ml Blue Pigment- Red and Purple Shift

Saphira- 10ml Purple Pigment- Red and Green Shift

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